Merino Wool Scarf - Light Grey

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100% Merino Wool Scarf, handcrafted with selected and soft wool from Grazalema, Spain.

Size: 180 x 33 cm. 

The rural hands behind our knits:

Our Merino Wool Blankets and Scarves are made in a woolen mill from Grazalema, Spain. Grazalema blankets are a true example of the craftman ́s art. This town in Cadiz is said to be the wettest in Spain, and maybe there lies the secret of its wool, since it is cleaner and more thorouhgly washed than any other.

Artesanía textil de Grazalema is the oldest craft textile company in Spain and the only one still active in the region.

Nowadays, wool is considered an ecological material from a natural resource. It is both sustainable and biodegradable while at the same time renewable each year. The physical properties of wool fibers allow an excellent insulation and elasticity. Its chemical components make it breathable and absorbent.